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The brand Princess Java appeared in a new form - GC Orimi Trade has carried out re-branding of the brand, having completely updated the design of packages of all sorts and expanded the assortment.
Princess Java is the first and only green tea brand in Russia. The brand was marketed in 1998, and today it is among the most popular and demanded amongst Russian tea brands - Princess Java is the repeated holder of the highest award of the National Trade Association "Product of the Year" as the best selling brand in Green Tea nomination.
The need for re-branding was dictated by the desire to change the brand image – the brand has acquired a stylish and modern look; the new design is made in a single style and more clearly informs the consumer about the natural freshness and purity of green tea.
The growing popularity of green tea has become a prerequisite for expansion of the assortment line. The main collection is presented by a new variety "Premium Ulun" – exquisite low-fermented tea from South China Fujian Province, classic kinds of green tea Ganpauder and Chun Mi. The collection of flavored tea has two new varieties of green tea with natural additives "Ginger and Lime" and "Thyme and Mint", and the line of herbal teas has been expanded by new compositions without caffeine on the basis of hibiscus and rosehip "Pomegranate and Cranberry", "Raspberry Tart" and "Strawberry and Mango".
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