TESS tea has changed its image

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Popular TESS tea has changed its image – the rebranding program included redesigning of packaging of all the varieties offered in the collection. The new packaging of TESS – trendier and more stylish – is ideal for the TESS tea family, highlighting individual characteristics and advantages of each variety. It is highly informative, allowing consumers to look at the tea without opening the box – the design captures an actual photographic image of the tea blend.
    The brand has gone through fundamental changes – the TESS brand has become more “mature” by being given a high-status image incorporating both classical and traditional elements. The brand identity mirrors its distinct features – an extensive range, signature recipes of tea blends, unique tea compositions, in which different varieties of black and green tea are complemented by fruit, berries, aromatic herbs, spices and other solely natural ingredients.
    In autumn, the TESS collection will feature several new varieties: Majestic – a magnificent black tea blend based on the famous North-Indian tea Darjeeling; Thyme – black Indian tea with mountain thyme; Quince – Ceylon tea with quince and sea buckthorn.  

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