Axe Festival In Tomsk

Tomsk hosted the Axe Festival and Woodcarving Competition. This year the festival marked its ninth birthday; the Okolitsa Park, the main festival venue, in Zorkaltsevo village (Tomsk Region) welcomed more than 100 thousand people.
The woodcarving competition brought in more than one hundred high-skilled carpenters from different areas of Russia as well as from Kazakhstan, Germany, China, France, Finland, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. As 2016 is declared in Russia the Year of Cinema, the competition was focused on movie themes. During three days sculptors, carvers and carpenters created wooden figurines and statuettes of movie heroes (from Soviet and Russian movies) and personages of favorite cartoons.
The Axe Festival is very popular with Tomsk residents. Concert programs, sports events, a show of electric vehicles, master classes in "Siberian sumo wrestling", Axe Porridge, a big cooking show – the list of festival events is far from being complete.
Orimi Trade GC was an official partner of the Axe Festival, introducing its guests to varieties of Princess Noori tea and Jockey coffee. Its cheerfully, tea-styled booth attracted visitors who could have their pictures at its background.
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