Tea: what type can it belong to?

The main types of tea are loose leaf, CTC (also sometimes referred to as «granular»), teabags and flavoured tea

Depending on the leaf size teas are divided into four categories: leaf, brokens, fannings and dust.

Leaf tea has multiple grades depending on the tips content and twist of the leaves.

Brokens or medium leaf teas may also vary in the degree of the leaves twist and the content of tips. This type of tea brews fast and the brew is distinguished with beautiful deep color.

Small fractions of tea leaves called fannings are tiny particles that remain after bigger fractions are sieved. These grades are mainly used for the production of teabags. Dust grades represent the smallest particles of tea leaves.

So called granulated or CTC tea does not consist of twisted tea leaves but of granules prepared by special technology: tea leaves are crushed and torn into a jelly-like mass from which granules of various types and sizes are then curled (thus the name CTC – crush, tear, curl).

Flavoured teas have aromas of various fruits, berries, flowers and spices. During flavouring tea is either mixed with flavour ingredients or aroma essences are added to dry tea.

For the production of teabags finely cut tea leaves or small granules are used. Production of teabags is completely automated.

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