How to evaluate coffee?

There is no uniform system of coffee classification so different countries have adopted different grading systems (primarily concerning arabica).

Large beans of fine quality arabica may be referred to by a combination of letters, for example, Kenya AA.

The adjectives, emphasizing the high quality of the coffee, are also used, e.g.:

Colombia Supremo (super quality), Colombia Excelso (excellent).

Grades may also be defined by the name of the territory (province, district, area) where the coffee was grown. For example, Ethiopia Sidamo, Sumatra Mandheling.

Grades may be determined depending on the location of plantations relative to the sea level. The higher above the sea level the plantation the greater is the coffee value. The most expensive varieties grow at altitudes over 1,200 meters and are often termed SHB. For example, Guatemala SHB, Costa Rica SHB.

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