"Orimi" Group of companies uses the most advanced technologies and practices to ensure the highest quality of its consumer products.


Protection Technology (packing in modified atmosphere) is used for roasted coffee production. The entire process of coffee production (from roasting to packaging) takes place in the protected atmosphere without exposure to oxygen. Protection Technology allows for full preservation of flavour and aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans.


Thermo Two technology (double roast of coffee beans). Thermo Two combines convection and drum roast and lasts 7 minutes (as opposed to traditional roast of 14 minutes). Each coffee bean gets a powerful flow of heat and is roasted evenly and quickly from the shell to the core. Thermo Two allows for full development of the individual taste nuances of specialty coffees.

"Orimi" Group of companies uses modern packaging technologies that provide for full preservation of the taste and aroma of tea and coffee:

  • Individual thermo sachets for teabags and leaf tea in pyramid teabags

  • Foil packages with valves for coffee beans

  • Vacuum packages for ground coffee

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